Bose 2X Home Speaker 500 Triple Black Review

Immerse yourself in exceptional sound quality and convenient voice control with the Bose 2X Home Speaker 500, Triple Black. With its ingenious design, this smart speaker fills any space with rich, stereo sound that bounces off the walls for an immersive audio experience. Alexa is built-in, allowing you to effortlessly explore millions of songs and access weather updates or news headlines. The eight-microphone array ensures that your voice commands are heard even in loud environments, and you can easily disable the voice access if desired. Controlling your music is a breeze, whether it’s through voice commands, tap controls on the speaker, or the Bose Music app. This premium speaker also offers multiple connectivity options, from streaming music services over Wi-Fi to using Bluetooth for direct playback. With its sleek, anodized aluminum body, the Bose Home Speaker 500 is not only a powerhouse of sound but also a stylish addition to any room.

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Why Consider This Product?

The Bose 2X Home Speaker 500, Triple Black is a must-have product for anyone who values high-quality audio and a seamless listening experience. With its powerful sound and innovative features, this smart speaker is designed to provide an immersive and convenient music experience.

One of the standout features of the Bose 2X Home Speaker 500 is its ability to deliver the widest sound of any smart speaker. Equipped with two custom drivers that point in opposite directions, this speaker creates a soundstage that is wider than any other smart speaker on the market. You’ll be amazed by the wall-to-wall stereo sound that fills your room, providing an astonishing stereo performance.

The built-in voice control feature sets this speaker apart from the competition. With Alexa integration, you can effortlessly control your music playback with simple voice commands. Whether you want to play, pause, shuffle, or skip to your favorite song, Alexa has it covered. Additionally, Alexa provides access to millions of songs, playlists, albums, and even weather reports and news headlines. The future software updates will add new features, ensuring that your speaker remains up-to-date and even more functional.

Features and Benefits

Superior Voice Pickup

Even in the midst of a loud party, the Bose 2X Home Speaker 500’s voice pickup technology ensures that it can still hear and understand your commands. With a custom-designed eight-microphone array just beneath the surface, this speaker is capable of picking up your voice even in noisy environments. If you ever want to turn off the voice access, simply tap the mic-disable button to cut power to all the microphones.

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Control Comes Easy

The Bose 2X Home Speaker 500 offers various ways to control your music playback. Not only can you use voice commands, but you can also tap the top controls on the speaker to play, pause, or skip tracks. Alternatively, you can manage it all from the Bose Music app, which gives you easy access to all your music in one place. Plus, you can set up to six different presets for playlists, internet radio stations, and more, making your favorite music just a tap away.

Music Any Way You Want It

This smart speaker gives you countless options when it comes to playing your favorite music. You can connect it to a home Wi-Fi network and effortlessly stream music from popular services like Spotify or Amazon Music. If you prefer a more direct connection, you can use Bluetooth to play anything from your phone or tablet. Additionally, the upcoming Apple AirPlay 2 compatibility will offer even more flexibility when it comes to playback options.

Premium Design

Not only does the Bose 2X Home Speaker 500 sound amazing, but it also looks stunning. With a seamless, anodized aluminum body, this speaker exudes a refined finish that can elevate the aesthetics of any room. Its sleek and modern design, combined with its high-quality sound, makes it the perfect addition to your home audio setup.

Bose 2X Home Speaker 500, Triple Black

See the Bose 2X Home Speaker 500, Triple Black in detail.

Product Quality

Bose has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality audio products, and the Bose 2X Home Speaker 500 is no exception. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident in both its design and functionality. The use of custom drivers and innovative technologies ensures that this smart speaker delivers the best possible sound experience. Whether you’re listening to music, podcasts, or even using it for voice commands, the Bose 2X Home Speaker 500 guarantees exceptional audio quality.

What It’s Used For

Music Playback

The Bose 2X Home Speaker 500 is primarily designed for music playback. With its wide soundstage and powerful stereo performance, you can enjoy immersive and detailed audio no matter what genre or artist you’re listening to. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply relaxing at home, this speaker provides the perfect soundtrack for any occasion.

Voice Control

Thanks to the built-in Alexa integration, you can use the Bose 2X Home Speaker 500 to easily control your music and access various information and services. With just your voice, you can play, pause, shuffle, or skip songs, as well as get weather updates and news headlines. The speaker’s superior voice pickup ensures that it can hear you even in noisy environments.

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Home Audio System

The Bose 2X Home Speaker 500 can also be a valuable addition to your existing home audio system. With its multi-room functionality and compatibility with other Bose speakers, you can create a seamless audio experience throughout your entire home. Whether you want to play music in one room or synchronize audio across multiple speakers, this device offers versatility and convenience.

Table: Product Specifications

Specification Details
Color Triple Black
Dimensions (H x W x D) 8.0 x 6.7 x 4.3 inches
Weight 4.65 pounds
Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Apple AirPlay 2 (future software update)
Voice Control Alexa built-in
Controls Top controls, Bose Music app
Microphones Eight-microphone array

Bose 2X Home Speaker 500, Triple Black

Who Needs This

The Bose 2X Home Speaker 500 is suitable for anyone who appreciates high-quality audio and desires a seamless listening experience. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a party host, or simply someone who enjoys having control at your fingertips, this smart speaker caters to various needs and preferences. It’s an excellent addition to any home audio setup and can enhance your overall music enjoyment and convenience.

Pros and Cons


  • Wide soundstage delivers immersive stereo sound
  • Voice control functionality with Alexa integration
  • Superior voice pickup technology for effective communication
  • Multiple control options through top controls and Bose Music app
  • Versatile music playback options through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and future AirPlay 2 compatibility
  • Sleek and premium design adds a touch of elegance to any room


  • May be relatively expensive compared to other smart speakers on the market
  • Voice control may not be suitable for users who prefer manual control
  • Some users may prefer more customizable sound settings or equalizer options

Bose 2X Home Speaker 500, Triple Black


  1. Can you connect multiple Bose 2X Home Speaker 500s together? Yes, this smart speaker supports multi-room functionality and can be synchronized with other Bose speakers for a seamless audio experience throughout your home.

  2. Does the Bose 2X Home Speaker 500 have a battery? No, this speaker requires a power source and does not have a built-in battery for portable use.

  3. What music services can I use with the Bose 2X Home Speaker 500? You can play your favorite music services over a home Wi-Fi network, including popular platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music. Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play music from your phone or tablet.

  4. Can I disable the voice control feature? Yes, there is a mic-disable button on the speaker that allows you to easily turn off voice access whenever you want.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have purchased the Bose 2X Home Speaker 500 have been overwhelmingly positive about their experience. Many praise the speaker’s exceptional sound quality, highlighting its ability to fill any room with immersive and breathtaking audio. The voice control functionality receives praise for its accuracy and convenience, allowing users to effortlessly play music and access various services with simple commands. The design is also widely appreciated, with customers commending its sleek and modern appearance, which seamlessly blends into any room decor.

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Bose 2X Home Speaker 500, Triple Black

Overall Value

The Bose 2X Home Speaker 500 offers tremendous value for those seeking a high-quality smart speaker. With its impressive sound performance, intuitive voice control, and versatile connectivity options, this speaker delivers an outstanding listening experience. While it may be pricier than some competitors, the superior audio quality, elegant design, and seamless integration make it well worth the investment for those who prioritize audio excellence and convenience.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Place the speaker in a central location within the room for optimal sound dispersion.
  • Experiment with different presets and create custom playlists to easily access your favorite music.
  • Ensure that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection for uninterrupted streaming and control via the Bose Music app.
  • Explore the different voice commands available and take full advantage of the Alexa integration.
  • Keep the speaker’s firmware up-to-date to benefit from future software updates and additional features.

Bose 2X Home Speaker 500, Triple Black

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Bose 2X Home Speaker 500, Triple Black, is a powerful and versatile smart speaker that delivers exceptional sound quality and convenient control options. With its wide soundstage, voice control functionality, and compatibility with popular music services, this speaker is designed to provide an immersive and enjoyable listening experience. Its premium design adds a touch of elegance to any room, making it not only a functional but also a stylish addition to your home audio setup.

Final Recommendation

If you are seeking a smart speaker that offers uncompromising sound quality, versatile connectivity options, and intuitive voice control, the Bose 2X Home Speaker 500 is an excellent choice. Its advanced features, such as the wide soundstage, superior voice pickup, and multi-room functionality, make it stand out in the market. Invest in this speaker to elevate your music listening experience and enjoy the convenience of voice control in your home.

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