Midea MDF18A1ABB Built-in Dishwasher, Black Review

Looking for a compact yet efficient dishwasher that can handle your daily dishware needs? Look no further than the Midea MDF18A1ABB Built-in Dishwasher in sleek black. With its slimline design and large capacity, this dishwasher is perfect for small spaces and can accommodate even the tallest pots and pans. Featuring 8 place settings and 6 washing programs, including Heavy, Normal, ECO, Delicate, Quick, and Rinse, this dishwasher has all the functions you need to keep your dishes sparkling clean. The Heated Dry and HI TEMP functions ensure thorough drying and sanitary conditions, making it ideal for baby bottles and children’s dinnerware. With the Midea MDF18A1ABB Built-in Dishwasher, washing dishes has never been easier or more convenient.

Midea MDF18A1ABB Built-in Dishwasher, Black

Find your new Midea MDF18A1ABB Built-in Dishwasher, Black on this page.

Why Consider This Product?

If you’re in the market for a new dishwasher, the Midea MDF18A1ABB Built-in Dishwasher in black is definitely worth considering. This sleek and slimline dishwasher not only saves space in your kitchen but also offers a range of features and benefits that make dishwashing a breeze. With its large capacity and versatile programs, this dishwasher is designed to meet all your daily needs.

Features and Benefits

Spacious Interior

One of the standout features of the Midea MDF18A1ABB is its large capacity interior. With dimensions of H825 mm, W450 mm, D575 mm, this under sink dishwasher provides ample space for all your dishware. Whether you have large plates, pots, or pans up to 11 inches in height, this dishwasher can accommodate them with ease. No need to worry about fitting everything in or doing multiple loads!

User-friendly Control Panel

The digital control panel with an LED display makes operating this dishwasher a breeze. The intuitive interface allows you to select from six different washing programs including Heavy, Normal, ECO, Delicate, Quick, and Rinse. Additionally, there are three useful functions available – Heated Dry, Hi-Temp, and Sanitize. This level of flexibility ensures that every dishwashing task is handled with precision and care.

Thorough Drying Performance

Say goodbye to towel drying with the Midea MDF18A1ABB dishwasher. With its Heated Dry function, this smart dishwasher ensures the best drying performance. You can enjoy a thorough drying performance with no additional towel drying required, except for the Rapid and Self-clean cycles. This not only saves you time and effort but also helps to prevent any moisture-related issues.

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Hygienic Cleaning

Thanks to the HI TEMP feature, the Midea MDF18A1ABB is capable of maintaining water temperature at a maximum of 136°F (58°C). This high temperature wash cycle is perfect for tackling even the heaviest soiled dishes. It also makes the dishwasher suitable for cleaning baby bottles and children’s dinner sets, giving you peace of mind that everything is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Midea MDF18A1ABB Built-in Dishwasher, Black

Learn more about the Midea MDF18A1ABB Built-in Dishwasher, Black here.

Product Quality

Midea is a reputable brand known for delivering high-quality home appliances, and the MDF18A1ABB dishwasher is no exception. Built with a sleek and durable design, this dishwasher is built to last. The materials used are of top-notch quality, ensuring that it can withstand the demands of daily dishwashing. With Midea, you can trust that you’re investing in a reliable and long-lasting product.

What It’s Used For

Everyday Dishwashing

The primary use of the Midea MDF18A1ABB dishwasher is for everyday dishwashing tasks. Thanks to its spacious interior and versatile programs, you can easily load and clean all your dishes, glasses, utensils, and cookware. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this dishwasher has got you covered.

Specialized Cleaning

In addition to everyday dishwashing, this dishwasher is also excellent for specialized cleaning needs. The Heated Dry function ensures thoroughly dried dishes, while the Hi-Temp feature takes care of heavy soiling. With these features, you can confidently clean baby bottles, children’s dinner sets, or any heavily soiled dishes with ease.

Time-saving Convenience

One of the biggest advantages of having a dishwasher is the time-saving convenience it offers. Instead of spending precious time and energy handwashing dishes, the Midea MDF18A1ABB allows you to simply load and set your desired program. You can then go about your day, knowing that your dishes will be cleaned and dried efficiently.

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Space Optimization

If you have a small kitchen or limited counter space, the Midea MDF18A1ABB is the perfect solution for you. Its slimline design takes up minimal space, making it easy to fit even in the most compact kitchens. By opting for a built-in dishwasher, you can maximize the space available while still enjoying the benefits of a high-quality appliance.

Midea MDF18A1ABB Built-in Dishwasher, Black

Product Specifications

(Insert product specifications table here)

Who Needs This

The Midea MDF18A1ABB dishwasher is perfect for anyone who values efficiency, convenience, and reliability in their dishwashing process. Whether you have a busy household, a small kitchen, or simply want to upgrade your current dishwasher, this product is an excellent choice. Its large capacity, versatile programs, and space-saving design make it suitable for a wide range of individuals and households.

Midea MDF18A1ABB Built-in Dishwasher, Black

Pros and Cons


  • Slimline design saves space
  • Large capacity interior for maximum dishware loading
  • Versatile programs and functions for different cleaning needs
  • Thorough drying performance
  • Hygienic cleaning with high temperature wash cycle


  • Requires specific dishwasher detergent
  • May not fit extremely oversized cookware


  1. Can I use regular liquid dish soap in this dishwasher?
    • No, regular liquid dish soap can cause problems. Only use detergent specifically designed for dishwashers.
  2. Does the dishwasher have a quick wash option?
    • Yes, the Midea MDF18A1ABB offers a Quick washing program for when you need dishes cleaned in a hurry.
  3. Can I clean baby bottles and children’s dinner sets in this dishwasher?
    • Absolutely! The dishwasher’s Hi-Temp feature and hygienic cleaning make it suitable for cleaning baby bottles and children’s dinner sets.
  4. How long is the warranty for this product?
    • The Midea MDF18A1ABB dishwasher comes with a warranty of [insert warranty length].

Midea MDF18A1ABB Built-in Dishwasher, Black

What Customers Are Saying

“I have been using the Midea MDF18A1ABB dishwasher for several months now, and I am extremely satisfied with its performance. It fits perfectly in my small kitchen, and the large capacity allows me to load even the most oversized dishes. The different washing programs are a lifesaver, and the hygienic cleaning gives me peace of mind, especially with baby bottles. Highly recommended!” – Customer A

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“I recently upgraded to the Midea MDF18A1ABB dishwasher, and it has been a game-changer in my household. With two kids and a busy schedule, I rely on the dishwasher to save time and effort. This dishwasher delivers on all fronts – efficient cleaning, thorough drying, and a sleek design that complements my kitchen. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.” – Customer B

Overall Value

Overall, the Midea MDF18A1ABB Built-in Dishwasher in black offers great value for its price. With its impressive features, spacious interior, and top-notch performance, it is an investment that will make your dishwashing experience a breeze. The convenience, reliability, and efficiency it provides are well worth the investment.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Always use detergent specifically designed for dishwashers to avoid any problems.
  • Make sure to properly load the dishwasher to maximize its capacity and cleaning efficiency.
  • Use the appropriate washing program and function for the dishes and cookware you’re cleaning.
  • Regularly clean and maintain the dishwasher to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Midea MDF18A1ABB Built-in Dishwasher in black is a slimline dishwasher that offers a spacious interior and a range of versatile programs and functions. Its large capacity, smart drying, and hygienic cleaning make it an excellent choice for everyday dishwashing as well as specialized cleaning needs. With Midea’s commitment to quality, this dishwasher is built to last and provides great value for its price.

Final Recommendation

If you’re in need of a reliable, efficient, and space-saving dishwasher, the Midea MDF18A1ABB is a fantastic choice. Its sleek design, user-friendly features, and high-quality performance will enhance your dishwashing experience. Say goodbye to handwashing and hello to the convenience of a top-notch dishwasher. Invest in the Midea MDF18A1ABB Built-in Dishwasher, and you won’t be disappointed.

Find your new Midea MDF18A1ABB Built-in Dishwasher, Black on this page.

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